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Semtex will stick to your enemy
Deathstreaks give you a boost when things aren't going your way
The Scavenger Perk lets you resupply your loadout by taking it from fallen foes
Bullets can ricochet off of Riot Shields and kill!

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 How to Boost

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PostSubject: How to Boost   6th December 2009, 8:03 am

How to Boost

Headshot Boosting
For 2 players in a cage match, pick the desired weapon you want to gain headshots for and put on a tactical insertion. Meet up, and one person place down the tactical insertion. Next, the other person will shoot that player in the head, wait for him/her to respawn, and let them replace their tactical insertion. Repeat this process until the player has received 19 headshots, then do this again but the other way round. Whoever receives the last kill is up to you.

Riot Shield Boosting
Set up two classes both with the one man army perk. Then equip one with a riot shield and the other with any LMG. One person will point their riot shield at the other, any let him/her shoot the shield until he/she runs out of ammo. When this has happened, the player with the riot shield uses one man army to switch his/her class to the one with the LMG, and the other player does the other way round. Then you repeat. If you are worried about your accuracy percentage, I recommend the Sentry Gun Boosting strategy.

Sentry Gun Boosting
Both players equip a riot shield, hardline, and change their killstreaks which has a sentry gun. One player first get a sentry gun and place it down. The other player stands in front of it with their riot shield to gain experience. When the sentry gun overheats or runs low on experience, then just pick it back up and replace it. When it runs out, repeat the process but this time the other way round.

K/D Ratio Boosting
One player will kill the other 19 times. Next, the player who has 19 deaths returns to the dashboard, and turns the game back on. The player with his/her game still on will have an extra 19 kills, and the other player will have not received any deaths. So repeat the process but the other way round in the next match to increase your kill/death ratio.

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How to Boost
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